BeeTime has three worlds; Survival, Creative, and Lobby


Survival will be where you spend most of your time. This includes the nether and end dimensions.
You can teleport to Survival from any world by running /spawn or /home


Creative is a superflat world only granted to trusted members. If you demonstrate good behavior, you can be trusted. Members on Creative have full access to WorldEdit.
If you have been trusted, you can teleport to Creative via the Creative NPC in the lobby


Lobby is where new members will join into the server. You can click on the NPCs to teleport to Survival or Creative. The lobby also features the Hall of Donors and the BeeTimeLine.
You can teleport to Lobby by running /lobby, /hub, or /l
The Hall of Donors commemorates all members that have purchased the Donor rank.
The BeeTimeLine shows the history of events on BeeTime since its inception.
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