Crafting Packs
BeeTime has various crafting packs that provide quality of life changes


The data packs BeeTime uses to make slight crafting changes come from the Vanilla Tweaks website. They provide quality of life changes to make BeeTime slightly easier while remaining faithful to vanilla.
Vanilla Tweaks - Crafting Tweaks
The Universal Dyeing data pack has been modified to include candles and concrete.

Dropper to Dispenser

Allows you to craft dispenser using a dropper and a bow, or by using string and sticks.

Universal Dyeing

Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another color, no matter what color it is.
Arrange 8 concrete, concrete powder, glazed terracotta, stained glass, stained glass pane or terracotta around 1 dye to change their color.
Arrange 1 candle or wool and 1 dye to change their color.
Arrange 1 bed and 3 dye to change the bed's color.

Unpackable Ice

Allows you to unpack 1 blue ice into 9 packed ice, or 1 packed ice or 9 ice respectively.