Survival Rules
These apply to the Minecraft server

Don't build near another member’s base.

Before setting up a base, check around you to see if any members have already built around you.

Don't build your base within 300 blocks of spawn.

This is so new members are not overwhelmed and can find a place to build.

Don't kill other members without their permission.

If someone hits you, do not retaliate. Clear consent is required. Remember /pvp

Don't use a member's private farm without permission.

Assume any farm without a name on it is private. Any public farm will have a sign saying so.

Don't create villager halls within 160 blocks of your base.

Villagers are server intensive, having villagers far away helps combat lag.

Don't do destructive pranks.

Friendly, non-destructive pranks are allowed. You must be willing to remove your prank when asked.

Don't cheat.

The use of x-ray, hack clients, etc. will be severely punished. Tweak mods are allowed.

Don't grief.

Don't touch any area that has been griefed or blown up. Report it to staff.

Don't steal.

This involves bases, shops and death drop items. Assume all unsigned storage is private.

Don't start raids at other players' bases.

If you do start one, complete the raid and/or make the base owner aware.

Type "none of your beeswax" when asked about the rules in the application or by any staff.