Shop Rules
These apply to the shopping district on the Minecraft server

You may claim a maximum of one plot.

Your may also share a plot with someone, but only when given consent by the original owner.

Stock a plot you have claimed within 7 days.

All you need is a chest, a sign with your username and prices, and some stock.

Only build on your plot.

Your plots range 16 blocks down and 32 blocks up.
Be considerate of other shops around you.

Don't obstruct pathways.

Overhangs above the street are permitted, but ensure the street is clear.

Name your shop.

Make sure there is a sign with your username on it on your plot.

Light up your shop.

Do not allow any mobs to spawn within your plot.

Do not create redstone loops at your shop.

Redstone at spawn is allowed, but any redstone mechanics have to be triggered by a customer.

After a month of inactivity, your shop can be removed.

Logging onto the BeeTime Minecraft server is considered as activity.