❕ FAQ ❕
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Alts? Second accounts?

No. Multiple member accounts are not allowed on BeeTime.

Automatic farms? Autoclicker rules?

✅ Periodic clicker ❌ Auto fishing ❌ Botting

Basing? Can I live with my friends?


Creative testing world?

Yes! You must be added to it by a staff member, and you have to demonstrate good behavior before being considered.

Duping? Rules on duping?

✅ Carpet ✅ Rails ✅ TNT ❌ Other


Treat the center island just like overworld spawn, minus the towers for farming obsidian. The end is disabled for the first 1-2 weeks of any season, then turned into an ender-dragon-killing end-raiding event.


Only make a farm for what you need, you're sharing the server's capability with everyone. This is a community server, not singleplayer. It's also a great idea to server-proof your farms where possible.
End chunk loaders
Nether portals only, toggle on redstone loops when the farm is being used
Replace with block or tile entity alternatives
Exposed hoppers
Cover hoppers with containers (furnaces, composters, etc.)
Item entities overflowing
Create item overflow control (burn the items, etc.)
Light-emitting redstone features
Light up with other light sources to prevent constant light updates
Redstone dust
Use observer and powered rails
Redstone loops
Toggle on redstone loops when the farm is being used

Hosting service?

BeeTime is hosted via DedicatedMC.



Location? Where's BeeTime hosted?

BeeTime's servers are located in New York.

Map? Dynmap? Online map?

Yes! http://beetime.buzz:25587/ You can also run /map in-game to get the link. Only the overworld is captured on the map.

Mods? Client-side mods?

Hack clients and hack mods are not permitted on BeeTime. Tweak mods are allowed with fair use.


Typically two central hubs, one under the nether roof and one above, with tunnels in each cardinal direction. Feel free to connect your portal to the tunnels.

Render distance? Simulation distance?

Our render distance is set to 10 chunks, and simulation distance is set to 10 chunks.

Seasons? World resets/restarts?

Typically last around 6 months, but this is always subject to change by the community. BT v1: 8 months BT v2: 7 months BT v3: 4 months BT v4: 5 months

Sleeping? Percentage?

20% of all online players must be sleeping for the night to pass. Sleeping will also clear weather and reset your insomnia for phantom spawning.


It's at 0, 88, 0 Use /spawn to teleport there.

World border?

15,000 block radius with an origin at 0, 0. The world is 30 thousand blocks squared.
The Nether goes out to a 10,000 thousand block diameter. The End goes out to a 10,000 thousand block diameter.